Sheffield Against the G8


Hello welcome to the accommodation page for SHEFFIELD AGAINST G8. See this map (multimap) of key locations in Sheffield for actions, G8 meetings, places to eat as well as places to stay. You can phone the convergence space from Wednesday 15th on : 07786 907 084 before then the answer phone will take your calls.

Convergence CentreThe convergence space is located here: 111 MATILDA STREET, SHEFFIELD, S1 4QF. LAND PHONE: 0114 2787767:

HOW TO GET THERE: So, you are at the train station / bus station: walk towards the Showroom Cinema that's in front of you: Walk around the top of it, with the Hallam Uni Students Union (stainless steel drum building) across the street, pass The Site Gallery on your left - you will now come to a pub called the Rutland Arms on the corner on your right: Now you need to walk down onto Sidney Street which is to the left. On your right is a new building with blue boards and on your left is a NCP Car Park, you see that building on its own across the car park - thats where we are: Walk down, turn left onto MATILDA STREET, you will see a boarded up pub called the Matilda Tavern our front door is accross from there you will see a banner / balloons saying "welcome to yourself the g8".

If you get lost or are unsure please ring either of the phone numbers and we will endeavour to get someone to meet you: However, only do this if you are unsure how to get to us or in need of help as we are all doing other stuff.

When you get to us please speak with people at the door regards HOUSE RULES and take note of them. This is a community space that has been booked so please respect this fact and ensure you help with the task of running the space, keeping it clean, etc: There will be people who are doing tasks, this does not mean they're in charge there is no authority but yourself - we ask you respect each other and those working to make this happen.

You can email your details and any specific queries.

There will be full disability access as well as childcare facilities. We also aim to provide food however please bring money to cover your food costs and other expenses. You can purchase a day saver for £2.50 from First Mainline buses.

There will also be plenty of space for bikes. We ask that you limit your use of motorised vehicles as space is limited to pay only car parks.There will be workshops, films, music, arts, crafts, a media lab, wimmin only space, men only space and all the creativity you can muster. So bring along an open mind and some good ideas and will attempt to facilitate any spontaneous inspiration you might have.

We request you do not comprimise the community space we have booked by bringing illegal substances into the building. Please view other pages for events and actions. Thanks from the convergence team that brought you this page.