Sheffield Against the G8

No Rest for the Wicked - Next Stop Gleneagles

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Now the G8 Ministerial meeting is over in Sheffield talk is turning to sorting ourselves out for the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. Some people involved in the Sheffield Against the G8 network are planning to hook up in Scotland. The plan so far is to be largely based at the rural convergence site organised by the Dissent Network.

This rural convergence site will consist of small 'villages' or 'neighbourhoods' with each one based around a kitchen capable of feeding a hundred (or many more) people. This village structure will be an integral part of the consensus decision making process on the site. Neighbourhoods can have a particular theme and some are based on geography - for example Manchester and Leeds. Our aim is to have a South Yorkshire neighbourhood, most likely in conjunction with another area so we can pool kitchen resources and the like. We think this might be a really cool thing to do, so that people travelling to Scotland have the opportunity to meet up and 'work' with other people from South Yorkshire, and create the possibility of building alliances in the region for the future. There will be a dedicated phone for the Sheffield Neighbourhood. To contact us while in Scotland call 07913779976.

Transport is everyone's shared headache. We are considering trying to see if we can afford to hire one or more minibuses to go up to Scotland, most likely for the full week of actions covering 2-8 July at least. If you are interested in possibility of getting a minibus together with others from Sheffield email the list with "TRANSPORT SCOTLAND" giving the dates you would ideally want to go, so we can gauge interest - no promises though!!!!

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